Found while clearing out old archives, a copy of Stabmental issue 4/5, from December 1980. A fanzine put together by Geoff Rushton, who later became better known under the name to John Balance.

He was around 17 at the time and still in school. We corresponded regularly in those days (actual mail, long before the internet), sharing thoughts and ideas that would later turn up in Lustmord and Coil.

Geoff performed on the first Lustmord album and he died in 2004. I remember our exchanges fondly.




Kraków FLAC


The recording of Lustmord live at Unsound Festival Kraków, October 22 2010 is now downloadable in lossless FLAC format (as well as mp3 etc) via Bandcamp.

The CD version will remain available in limited numbers at shows and from select distributors while stocks last.


Live at Kraków CD

Kraków is a recording of the first Unsound Festival performance in Kraków on October 22 2010.
Factory manufactured CD in gatefold wallet. Limited to 400 copies and only sold at shows.

2. Primordial
3. H3
4. Erebos
5. Godeater
6. Black Star
7. Atom
8. Abandoned
9. Closure

A direct mixing desk feed with additional room ambiance recorded by Rafał Nowicki.
Sound Engineer: Daniel Rejmer.

So far the CD has been available in limited quantities at the shows in Providence, London, Den Haag, Riga, St Petersburg and Moscow.

To hear Lustmord’s music as loud as it was on this night – and so to experience the full extent of the sub-bass that girds and grounds it – was to realise how inadequate the term “ambient” is to describe it.At times the low-end assault was such that I was hearing the rafters of the building shaking more than I was the actual tones.
Kiran Sande / FACT

Krakow CD Inside


Art Print


A limited edition screen print of Simon Fowler’s illustration for the cover of The Word As Power is now available for preorder.

700mm x 420mm in size and hand printed in two colors on Fabriano 5 300gsm acid-free archival quality paper.
Shipped in a sturdy mailing tube.
Strictly limited to 100 copies, each individually signed and numbered by the artist.

Order now via this Blackest Ever Black Page.