The second in the series of limited edition live CD’s (the other being Krakow), Stockholm is a recording of Lustmord live at Södra Teatern, Stockholm, January 15 2011.

A factory manufactured CD in gatefold wallet. Limited to 300 copies and only available at shows since the Wrocław performance in November 2014.

1. Grey
2. Immersion
3. Primordial
4. Lament
5. Burn
6. Pulse
7. Aldebaran
8. H1
9. Metastat
10. Prime

A downloadable FLAC version is now available via the Lustmord Bandcamp Page.





RBMA Radio


A audio recording of a conversation with Red Bull Music Academy Radio.

There’s now a written transcript here.



Video Update

AE-VideoCreating motion graphics in After Effects.

The original intent for the video used as a backdrop for Lustmord live performances was that it should be organic, being worked on and changing, with new elements being added and older material discarded over time. But motion graphics can be a time consuming process and I’ve just been too busy with music and associated activity to get the video updated as often as I would have liked to.

To address this I recently took a break from music for a couple of months in order to focus on updating the video and that’s now done. There is now thirty minutes of new material, including significant input by Dave Palser, plus various tweaks and changes to the older footage. See an extract video bellow featuring Dave’s work.

FCP-VideoEditing in Final Cut Pro.

Motion graphics for the backdrop are created in After Effects, and latter compiled in Final Cut Pro X and output through Compressor. Live projection is either via a media player or from Blu-ray, depending on the setup, all in 1080p.

I intend to move from After Effects and teach myself Motion, but I need to focus on music again, so it might be a while before I get to do that.





The Quietus


A feature on Lustmord in The Quietus from an interview conducted in July 2015: The Strange World Of Lustmord.

Tahm Kench


I recently worked with composer Jason Willey on the music for the character Tahm Kench for the game League of Legends by Riot Games.

You can download the music here.