Black Lung Remix


Ant-zen have released the Black Lung remix album Innovation. Participation. Reward which includes a dub mix of The Brotherhood of Saturn by Lustmord.

You can here extracts from the album and order it by selecting the image above.




Zoetrope Q&A



As part of the Wrocław Industrial Festival there will be a special screening of Zoetrope, after which I’ll be taking any questions you may have about the movie or anything else Lustmord related.

The screening will be on Friday November 7th at Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe in Wrocław, between 4pm and 6pm.

Admission is free.




Lustmord is one of the composers for the upcoming game Evolve by Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock.

Lustmord’s contribution can be heard when playing the game from the Hunters perspective, while music heard when playing from the Monster perspective is composed by Jason Graves.
There is an hour of original Lustmord music in the game in total, although actual length heard varies depending on gameplay.

The game is published by 2K and will be released in February 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.













Please note that Lustmord will not be performing at the Housecore Horror Festival in Austin in October.

I had been invited to take part and we were discussing the details, but performing at the venue in question turned out to be too much of a compromise so I declined before any final agreement was made and contracts signed.
The festival prematurely announced Lustmord as performing but this is not the case.

Al the best to everyone involved with, and attending the festival. Maybe next time.



After a year long break Lustmord will once again perform live.
This time at the Wrocław Industrial Festival on November 8 2014.