2008 Monte Cazazza The Cynic Album: Producer
2007 Tool
Epic Games
Vicarious DVD : Menu and Intro/Outro Music
Unreal Tournament III : Music Sound Design
Assassin’s Creed : Music Sound Design
2006 Nvidia
Hayward Gallery
GeForce 8 “Cascades, Froggy and Box of Smoke” Tech Demos : Sound Design.
GeForce 7900 GTX “Dino Bones” Tech Demo : Sound Design.
“92” Promotional Video : Sound Design.
10,000 Days Album : Weather.
2005 Underworld(Movie)
Score Album Co-Production
FarCry Instincts (Xbox) – Music sound design and additional music.
Playstation 3 Tech Demo
Sound Design for the short movie “Blind”
2001 Happy Pencil
Quicksilver Software
Website Audio
Master of Orion 3 (PC/Mac) E3 Demo.
1999 Paul Haslinger Co-Production and Sound Design on Paul’s album “Score”
1998 Interplay Planescape : Torment (PC) E3 Demo
1985-99 Side Effects Owner / Operator of the record label Side Effects
1991-93 Mute Records “Advisor” for The Grey Area of Mute Records, overseeing several releases
1990-92 Clock DVA Live mix engineer for live shows in Britain, Germany and the USA.
1983-85 SPK Member “Percussion, Machinery & Mayhem”. Touring Europe