Partial Discography

  2013 Lustmord The Word As Power
  2011 Lustmord Songs of Gods and Demons
  2010 Lustmord Heretic
    Monte Cazazza The Cynic
  2009 Lustmord Transmuted 12"
    Lustmord Other Dub
    Lustmord Beyond
    Lustmord The Dark Placed Of The Earth
  2008 Puscifer D is for Dubby – The Lustmord Mixes
    Lustmord Other
    Puscifer V is for Viagra
  2007 Tool Vicarious DVD
    Puscifer V is for Vagina
    Puscifer Don’t Shoot The Messenger EP
    Score Album Vacancy
    Lustmord Juggernaut
  2006 Tool 10,000 Days
    Lustmord Rising
    Monica Richards InfraWarrio
  2005 Tool Schism DVD
    Tool Parabola DVD
    Larsen Seies
    Gang of Four Return the Gift (Japanese Version)
  2004 Lustmord Carbon/Core
    Melvins/Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire
  2003 Score Album Underworld
  2002 Lustmord Zoetrope
    Mortiis Smell the Rain
  2001 Lustmord Metavoid
    Jarobe Dissected
  2000 Lustmord Purifying Fire
  1999 Paul Haslinger Score
  1997 Lustmord/Metal Beast Lustmord vs Metal Beast
    Alan Lamb Night Passage Demixed
  1996 Score Album The Crow: City of Angels
    Lustmord Strange Attractor 12"
  1995 Lustmord/Robert Rich Stalker
  1994 Score Album The Crow
    Lustmord The Place Where The Black Stars Hang
    Arecibo Trans Plutonian Transmissions
  1993 Isolrubin BK Crash Injury Trauma
    Terror Against Terror Psychological Warfare Technology Systems
  1992 Lustmord The Monstrous Soul
  1989 Lustmord Heresy
    TGT White Stains
    The Anti Group Teste Tones
  1988 TGT Machine Gun 12"
    TGT Revo 12"
    Graeme Revell The Insect Musicians
    CTI Core
  1986 SPK Zamia Lehmanni
    Nurse With Wound Automating Volume 1
  1985 Nurse With Wound The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi Companion
    Current 93 Dog’s Blood Rising
  1984 Lustmord Paradise Disowned
    CTI The Need 12"
    SPK Leichenschrel
  1982 Lustmord Lustmord