2017 These Hidden Hands Socotra Dub
2016 My Disco 1919 (20/20 Version)
2015 Land Metamorphosis
Black Lung The Brotherhood of Saturn (Dub Mix)
2011 Vampilla Sea Remix Part 1 & 2
Monolith The Sky Become Dub
2009 Puscifer Under Dub
Puscifer Queen D
2008 Pyramids Into The Silent Waves
Kibuka All Seeing Eye
Puscifer Bone Dub
Puscifer Children of Dub
Puscifer DoZo Dub
Puscifer Dub v2.02
Puscifer Dub with Power
Puscifer Momma Dubbed Part 1 & 2
Puscifer Sour Dub
Puscifer Trekka Dub
Puscifer Vagina (Version)
Puscifer Trekka: The Desert Porn Mix
Puscifer Queen B: Trip E Mix
Puscifer Dozo: Guns For Hire Mix
2007 Isis Not In Rivers But In Drops
Vacancy Soundtrack Transmutation Voi
2006 Seventh Image Thug
2005 Tool Schism
Tool Parabol/Parabola
Gang of Four He’s In The Army Now (Two Remixes)
Larsen Marzia
2003 Lori Carson The Finest THing (Two Versions)
2002 Mortiis Monolith
Mortiis Parasite God
2001 Jarboe Dear 666
Jarboe I’m A Killer
Venetian Snares Intense Demonic Attack
1999 Everything But The Girl Temperamental (Two Versions)
I.T. Numb
1998 Alan Lamb Night Passage
1997 Vision II Don’t Go Back To Sleep (Three Versions)
1996 Monte Cazazza Extinction
Phthalocyanine Cassette