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PostPosted: January 29th, 2010, 2:52 am
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No order.

Tool - Aenima: Pretty much where it all began for me. There's too much I could say about this album...I go back to it often when I feel I've been drained of any creativity or motivation. It's the most naive listening experience I can still achieve, and I still find new things about it to appreciate with each listen. Dark, physical, and organic.

Swans - Children of God: I bought the reissue with World of Skin, so both should be mentioned. Listening to them was sort of like watching someone being murdered and buried in a backyard and saying nothing, doing nothing, out of your own apathy. Relentlessly visual and had a huge impact on how I thought music should be presented and produced.

Meshuggah - Nothing: Complex without meaning to be and accessible. I think this is one of the only groups that could be called "post-metal", carrying on some of the superficial conventions of the tired genre and disregarding its signatures. I bought this album and sold all my metal CD's. Inspired me to stop trying to sing and focus on telling stories in songs through numbers. It took me a long time to appreciate the re-recorded version.

The Cure - Disintegration: A great use of space and atmosphere. The record I turn to whenever a close friendship ends. I always feel like a freshman in college when I listen to this.

David Sylvian - Blemish: This record crept up on me as I was getting stuck on formalism and structure, glued to grids and bpm's and CPU-clogging layers of instrumentation. It, essentially, told me to stop hiding, to let go of control. Beyond that, it stands as one of the most profoundly sad recordings I've ever listened to. This was a new discovery for me, so of course my description is a little heavy on artistic impact.

Nine Inch Nails - Still: Probably the most complete and consistent NIN release, while essentially being an EP of oddities. Trent Reznor realizing he isn't twenty anymore and should probably stop bashing power-chords...of course, that didn't last long. I spent two of the worst years of my life listening to this record every day, sitting in the woods or by a river with my Discman. One of the most beautiful and truly haunting records I've ever heard.

Irepress - Samus Octology: Made the whole post-rock schtick song-oriented, sans vocals. Beautiful, catchy, and very young sounding. Listening to it always makes me focus on the inherent beauty and ephemeral importance of everything around me. Child-like in its perspective. This album has impacted my style drastically.

Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar: Okay...I know. I know. This is the point here I get defensive, but I can't leave it off. This was the first record I ever cared about, coming initially from a graphic arts background with little interest in any music that wasn't avant garde classical. It was a merging of art and sound into a visceral, insanely aggressive format. I can't listen to it much anymore without cringing, as Warner has essentially killed his career through mediocrity and regurgitation of tired motifs. However, this record stands as an anomaly in his discography as a powerful pop record.

Krzysztof Penderecki - Orchestral Works: I listened to this a lot as I was getting into Zdzislaw Beksinksi and Russell Mills. Intense and horrifying. I couldn't imagine a better soundtrack to spiritual decay and anguish.

Tomas Dvorak - Machinarium OST: The soundtrack of a flash game. I found this very recently and it's the closest I've come to that old feeling of discovering something new, fresh, and tears everything down in one fell swoop. I can't stop listening to it. It makes me feel like I've just started.

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PostPosted: January 29th, 2010, 3:07 pm
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1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F#A# Infinity
Scary. Down to earth. Beautiful. I've probably heard the Dead Flag Blues upwards of 600 times.

2. Saetia - A Retrospective
Probably my post played album. Best hardcore/screamo band ever.

3. Xasthur - A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
First Ambient Black Metal band I heard. This really pushed me towards ambient music.

4. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
This truly was one of the best albums of the 90's. There's absolutely no filler on here. One of the only albums I can listen to straight through with out getting bored.

5. Lustmord - Carbon/Core
First Lustmord CD and my favorite.

6. Akira Yamoaka - Silent Hill OST
Dark. Silent Hill was really my introduction to dark ambient.

7. Cities Last Broadcast - The Cancelled Earth
This was really the album that inspired me to make music myself.

8. Akutagawa - Akutagawa
Very good, obscure emo band.

9. Aarktica - No Solace in Sleep
Very relaxing. I listen to this album all the time when I drive. This is probably the best "happy" ambient band I've ever heard before.

10. Mayhem - Ordo ad Chao
Favorite metal band and favorite metal cd.

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PostPosted: May 7th, 2010, 8:56 am
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after reading some interesting stuff here i almost didn't post; for a music super-fan/near fanatic this pretty much "unpossible". however, in the interest of science as well as this being a very compelling philosophical and sociological experiment, i submit to you my top 10:

(first off, to save my own sanity, my approach is of the same mindset i had when my appartment burned down a few years ago ie. grab the pets and the first things i could think of...)

in no order-

1)shudder to think: 50 000 B.C. an absolutey addictive mix of melody, crunch, dynamics, odd meter, brains and guts and just plain o' excellent song-smithing. their pony express record is tight , too.

2)prince: sign o' the times. hardly a groundbreaking record but a great album from a great musician and composer. and crazy funky. don't judge him based on his latest output beacause it truly sucks. truly. this album is basically responsible for my love of music and f**king.

3)miles davis: bitches brew. i will go so far as to say, if you don't have it, get it. it's miles and crew in top form. i've played this record probably over 1000x and i love it more every listen. stellar. maybe it's just because i've had a lot of coffee but it beats out kind of blue for our purposes here.

4)heart of the forest : the baka forest people. hunter-gather pygmies from south-eastern camaroon, ie. the central african rainforest. stunning, heartfelt music of pure joy. there water-based pieces are unbeatable. there's many times on this disc where the insects are locked in the the harmonies and grooves, i sh*t you not.

5)the oil-lamp flickered: tse chun-yan. if you don't know what the guqin is check it out. basically, a fretless 7 string zither, this album is the old style meaning only silk strings are used. silk strings on very old wood. need i say more?

6)chavez: ride the fader. this is an album with all the same ingredients as #1. fantastic and strange. their gone glimmering album is great aswell.

7)deftones: white pony. ferocious, great songs, honest and seriously funky.

8 )bela bartok: the string quartets. it's really difficult for me to pick just these from the hungarian master, considering the piano works and the orchestral pieces. but i did and i'll have to live with that.

9)bill evans: everybody digs bill evans. what can i say, i freaking love modal jazz. this is one of the greatest pianists in the world in top form. taste, touch and reams of passion. i almost put gonzales' solo piano album but it was recorded with some artifact, i think it's his nails on the keys rendereing this otherwordly materpiece, unlistenable. it needs to be addressed.

10)ray charles: blues and jazz. ray is ray. he's bluesier and jazzier and more earnest than 90% of everybody. i love this set.

i'm gonna slide in a couple of honorable mentions cuz brian did ;P

brise-glace: when in vanitas. man, it was tough not including this. essentially, the prototype of much of the music we hear today. jim o'rourke and friends. peyote or maybe transcendentalism while riding a shark.

failure: fantastic planet or frogs. modern rock at it's best. this band should have been huge.

radiohead: in rainbows. i'm not a fanboy but this album is worthy of the list just not today.

thanks for the catharsis,


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PostPosted: May 7th, 2010, 4:13 pm
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This is almost impossible for me to do, even harder for me to not make constant changes, but here's my list:

Nevermind by Nirvana
This is the album that motivated to learn how to play and write music, so of course it's endured my various fluctuations in taste change over these years. I love Kurt as a singer and a songwriter and I probably always will.

Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite by The Ruins of Beverast
A black metal album defying many black metal conventions, it's got a real epic scope to it, and it features equal parts doom vocals and male choral bits. I love Alex von Meilenwald's voice and his unique approach to what is generally a rather homogeneous music style.

Too Tough to Die by The Ramones
Another band that inspired me to become a musician, this was their height of quality. Likely because Dee Dee Ramone had taken over songwriting responsibilities. The Ramones are just fun, and they manage to be fun even if most of their material deals with their troubled teen years or internal conflicts as a band.

Darkspace III by Darkspace
Probably the most oppressive sounding (non-Merzbow) band I listen to, they often sound like a white noise recording, but there's just enough variation and use of melody and ambience to make this band classic.

Oath Bound by Summoning
This is a band primarily for Tolkien nerds, but they make some rather breathtaking and gripping music if you can get used to the black metal style vocals. This album particular took away the typical metal guitar playing and replaced it with a laid back, spacier style that suits their heavy use of VST symphonies.

Low by David Bowie
This album seems to be pretty revolutionary, but it's also one of the few instances where I can see why David Bowie is such a big deal. Bowie and Eno should do more work together, because the whole Berlin trilogy was magic.

Funhouse by The Stooges
This record is full of sleaze, chaos, fun, and drugs that much of rock desperately tries to emulate, but generally falls really short of. Everything from the production, to the songs themselves, to the odd inclusion of a saxophone is great, but the show winner is, of course, Iggy Pop himself.

The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails
Trent Reznor can come up short on the lyrical side of things at times, but his music is amazing, and it was never captured better than it was here. Each song is different enough to keep the record interesting, but this album also has a strong enough general sound and motif that it really does play well as a story.

Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson
I've gotten ridicule for being such a strong Manson fan, but this album I feel is all the defense he needs. He is a great lyricist, the music has plenty of quirky touches to make it unique and interesting, and this album has one of the most capturing stories to be found in concept albums, which I mostly find rather hokey under usual circumstances.

Monoliths & Dimensions by Sunn O)))
I've heard them described as a meditative sort of band, and I think it's a description that suits them well. It's easy to just turn them on and let the droning waves of sound wash over you. It's good to listen to in the background or the foreground, and they manage to incorporate a wide range of instrumentation into their overall sound while maintaining the same sort of style as previous albums.

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PostPosted: May 8th, 2010, 6:31 am
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RAZ wrote:

Krzysztof Penderecki - Orchestral Works: I listened to this a lot as I was getting into Zdzislaw Beksinksi and Russell Mills. Intense and horrifying. I couldn't imagine a better soundtrack to spiritual decay and anguish.

holy crap someone mentioned penderecki, thanks, raz.

this guy is very much worth checking out and is so much more than the "chamber horror" tag he's picked up. my favs include his cello concerto, string quartet, the partita and of course his most familiar work, plymorphia used in the exorcist and the shining.

threnody for the victims of hiroshima is also a fav but a bit difficult to get through without bursting into tears or fostering notions of vigilantism. nontheless, highly recommended.


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PostPosted: May 8th, 2010, 5:14 pm
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Eh, but also note: his recent 'romantic' stuff is dreadful. It's the closest I can think of a composer 'selling out.' a great piece of work, though.

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PostPosted: August 9th, 2010, 1:33 pm
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Top ten is a rough decision
I'll get back to this thread

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PostPosted: January 5th, 2011, 5:51 am
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i'll start from 1 to 10 :)

In the Woods... - Heart of the Ages
This album is just a beauty, every song is interesting and quite progressive at that time for a black metal band.. and this isn't really your ordinairy black metal band either. Sadly they went for a more experimental/avant-garde/progressive sound after this album, wich is understandable but i really love to hear more stuff like this. Most people don't like the mediocre folk-like vocals but IMHO, it really fits in.

Ulver - Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler
I don't speak Norwegian, but it looks like the singer is trying to tell a story. Beautyful atmosphere. Nothing wrong with this album if you really like the more different approach of black/folk metal.

Lustmord - Heresy
This was my first dark ambient album.. 'twas the remastered version i picked up at a local store. Turned it on when i was playing Silent hill 4. I was suprised i never listened to dark ambient music before this and personally i was really looking for this kind of music, it was a dream came true!

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
I hear pure hatred and evil in some kind of dark and evil way. I like it, hehe.

Led Zeppelin - I
This album made me think, why is it that modernized rock bands try to make their music so popular, when you can make music like this and give it a shot to earn popularity, if you desire it of course. This and all the albums up to 4 made Zeppelin what it is today, (dead but) still popular as hell.

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
I love smoking weed. I love stoner music. And i definately love this album, it is the heaviest album i have ever heard all my life, it really drags you into itself. 'nuff said.

Darkthrone - Fuck off and die!
Black metal went popular when it almost died, sounds strange but that's how it was i guess. These guys just move on and don't give a shit about how 'grim' the other black metal bands are and how much they want to replicate the 90's. This album just proves that.

Mayhem - Ordo ad Chao
Same as above, just a bit different. When i listen to this album i still hear the 90's atmosphere in it but in a totally new way. This makes the album very unique.

Burzum - Belus
When i heard a new Burzum came out i was psyched, when i listened to it, it was refreshing. Burzum progressed over the years and i'd pick this one over any other older albums.

The Doors - The Doors
The doors kinda have a special place for me, it's still rock and roll, with some psychedelic touches, though back in that time it probably was one of the most unique bands out there. Shame Morrison couldn't handle it.

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PostPosted: January 6th, 2011, 6:43 pm
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In no order

Ministry- Land of Rape and Honey
I grew up racing motocross and I was always blaring this album in the garage while I was working out. It was
the first techno type album that I really enjoyed. Al Jourgensen really had a way of getting me pumped up.

Iggy Pop- New Values
This was one of the first so called punk albums that I really bothered to investigate, so it will always stand out. Iggy is just one of those genuine guys who isn't faking shit and his career show it. The real deal.

Led Zeppelin- IV
This by far the only Zeppelin album that I love and bother to own... I dunno, there's just something mystical about it that keeps me hooked on it.

Danzig- 4P
I'm a fan of blues music and I've enjoyed some of Glenn's work. 4p is my favorite of all his 'Danzig' days.

Telefon Tel Aviv- Immolate Yourself
This one one of the two albums that NEVER leave my SUV. I just love this album.

Rammstein- Reise Reise
One of my favorite bands of all time. And the single Mein Teil of this album is just fucking awesome. Great chemistry between the band, great stage shows and great song writing.

Lustmord- The Place Where The Black Stars Hang
My first Lustmord album... I was hooked. I had never heard anything like it. But to be honest, it took many years to have a great sound system to really enjoy and appreciate the true "power of sound" that B. produces.

A Perfect Circle- Mer de Noms
Whenever I heard people say "(insert generic band here) saved my life" I always thought "what a fucking idiot". Now, I'm not saying APC saved my life, but this album did come along at a time in my life when I was at an all time low. This album was kind of a healing process in some weird way. No joke...

White Zombie- Astro-Creep: 2000
I'm a HUGE B-Movie geek and horror comic book lover. So it's no surprise that I'm a Zombie fan. I love this album. It starts off with a fury and kicks your ass to the end then closes with a surreal love song. Blood, Milk and Sky... great album.

David Bowie- Heathen
I'm a Bowie fan but this is my favorite album. It's the other album that never leaves my SUV. When dealing with roadrage it's best to have something to calm the nerves. This is just a great album...

There you have it... Scoff and grunt if you like, but this is me...

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PostPosted: July 17th, 2012, 6:11 pm
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Long time reader, first time poster!
I know im genre hopping and leaving out alot of my fav older classic albums but put me on an island for the rest of my life and id prob pick these ones as id rather have a variety of styles at hand. Now i might cop some flak for some of the selection but so be it as i love most music.
In no order...

Mozarts Requiem. Just pure bliss on so many levels. Any time i need a kind of reassurance that life is worth living (dont mean to sound so dark!!!) i simply throw this on and listen to a man speak his soul through music.

Current Value - You cant Play God EP. Now i know this is an ep but a fine one at that. This is real heart attack material in my ears! Damn this man and his drums. The things he does to them! I much prefer his earlier body of work, but i feel that from 2005 he really hit his stride with releasing creations such as this. Not so much a fan of his lateset material but this style is where my heart lies with cv!. The simple yet intense atmospheres he creates with his intros and breakdowns, then the unleashing of those menacing, unrelentless drum patterns. Madness. Some may call it "pots and pans" but damn these pots and pans are so darn finely tuned and done so right. Honorable mentions of his his other tracks, Faith, You Need a Therapist and definately the Revealing the Concede EP.

Jeremey Soule - Oblivion OST. Jeremy has done an amazing job with this score. Its truly breathtaking. From moments of soothing beauty (King and Country, Harvest Dawn), to epic arrangements (Reign of the Septims, Death Knell, Bloody Blades) to atmospheric numbers (Tension, Ancient Sorrow) this showcases what a game score should be like. After having sunk quite afew hundred hours in this game, its score never gets old. I actually have Harvest Dawn as an alarm tone on my phone to help start the day :)

Planetary Assault Systems - The messanger. Now this is a techno album but one executed so well. Even though there are great older techno and dub albums this one takes the cake for me. Hypnotic is one way to put it as the beats and ambience really come together so well that you get lost and mesmorised in the wall of sound. Even though it can be minimal at times, it really isnt if you pay close attention to the subtleties.

Wu tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) This is truly a timeless hip hop album IMO. They came out with a style so fresh at the time that stuck and has lasted the test of time.

The Prodigy - Experience. Generally i find the earlier/debut albums of most artists they're best work and it so happens to be with the prodigy. To me this is what the prodigy are all about. His true sound came out here on this album. A mash of genres from breakbeat to oldskool jungle to electronica. One electronic album i can throw on some 20 years later and still rock to.

Bjork - Post. Shhhh. its Oh So Hard :) to pick just one of her albums but just amazing on so many levels, and who can go past Army of Me, Hyperballad, Enjoy, Isobel, Possibly Maybe.... Her latest album Biophilla is also astounding.

Jesus Christ Superstar 1973 (Ted Neely as Jesus) This is just musically brilliant from start to finish IMO. Funk, Rock, Classical, its got abit of everything.

Destroyer666 - Pheonix Rising. Now i love my black/trash metal, i coulda thrown up Burzums filosofem, Emperors eclipse, Dartkthrones hunger, but for some reason this album would def be the one metal album that really hits home with me on so many levels. Stunning

Lustmord - Metavoid. Nuff said...

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PostPosted: May 7th, 2013, 1:27 am
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My top 10 (a few most influental and most listened) pop music:

Slipknot - Slipknot

Kraftwerk - 1

Brian Eno - Music for Airports

Klaus Schulze - Blackdance

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

Rammstein - Mutter

Primus - Antipop

Akela - Fekete bárány

Emilie Autumn - Opheliac

Mantra - Tetteim Súlya

+Bartók, Ligeti, Mozart, Vivaldi, Vaughan Williams, John Williams, Erik Wollo, Wendy Carlos, renaissance music, and of course most of Lustmord works

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