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PostPosted: October 27th, 2010, 10:17 pm
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I'm not too proud to admit I like four X, Emu. (cheap/nasty local aus beers). Hate fosters and tooheys new and tooheys old. Don't rate heineken. Don't mind Pure Blonde for a low carb beer.
I work above a belgian beer cafe, pretty much dig anything they serve up except the fruity or chocolaty ones. Cant remember which ones I like- I usually just go for the ones with the biggest % alcohol content :D Does the job yummily.
There's some awesome boutique beer breweries in Perth in amongst the wineries in the hills.. good memories.
Tooheys extra dry always goes down well.
I really loved Carlton cold shots (they were carlton cold with a shot of vodka in them) - super smooth, weren't around very long.
James squire's wheat beer was a favourite for a while. I think I like most James Squire's except the Indian pale ale.
Dark beers are OK but I can't drink too many in a row.
mmmm beer.

Beer ads are the only thing on TV worth watching. :D

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