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PostPosted: October 28th, 2007, 3:09 pm
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Generally music is made to awaken emotions. We, humans act on emotions. There is only 5% of rational thinking put into our everyday behaviour. Sometimes even less.
When I heard Lustmord music few days ago (The place where the black stars hang) it reminded me emotions what I feel when I dive to wrecks.
I am a diver. Waters here in Baltic Sea are dark and cold with bad visibility. When I dive to a new wreck first time that lies very deep and where people have died I feel fear - always. It is very important to not to panic as clear mind helps me stay alive. I've seen people loosing control over their emotions. That is dangerous.
At some point during the dive (when reaching the wreck) fear is replaced by clear mind I feel like I am floating through the space. Dangerous space, but there is nothing I couldn't handle. I feel calm.
This state of mind is very similar what is reflected by Lustmord music.

I think I will feel the same when I go to space and do some spacewalk. That of course will never hapens.

My question, is Lustmord a diver?

If there are any other divers here, what do they feel when starting a deep dive?


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PostPosted: October 28th, 2007, 3:51 pm
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Alas I've never had the opportunity to dive.

Closest I've gotten is the deep end of our pool.
(A pool being a necessity rather than a luxury here in LA)

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PostPosted: October 28th, 2007, 7:00 pm
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Just a ramrk, I remembered that I've heard something similar before

Music that is probably inspired by an underwater world is J.M.Jarre "Waiting for Cousteau". There is a long 45 minute meditative part. His music is bringing into my mind a feeling like I am diving in a clear and warm water with a lot of blue light. Like it is in Mediterranean Sea. There was a very specific underwater sound in his piece that I've heard only in Mediterranean.

I think I can recognize unmistakeable sound of breathing bubbles in "The place where the black stars hang" at the 44th minute. And then at some point there are heartbeats. Sometimes I can hear my own heartbeats underwater too. Especially when adrenaline makes it pound underwater for some reason.
That made me ask, if you are a diver.

In the darkness with a poor visibility when you do not know what you will see next, wrecks can be haunting. Imagination start to work. But there is something magical that brings me back to them.
Wrecks are pure encapsulated history in their own time bubble. Everything you see on the wreck is a real history. Nothing is fake. Fluidum of the past is still there.


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PostPosted: October 29th, 2007, 9:49 am
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Yes I totally agree my deep Diving friend. The mystique of wrecks is indeed fantastic. The fear is all part ot the appeal, probably because the wreck is not supposed to be there and neither are we. I used to dive quite a lot, but can no longer do so due to a hearing condition and the blasted ringing in the ears which came with it.

I can imagine diving the dark unknown and not to mention cold depths of the Baltic is enough to instil fear in many, and that's without the wrecks! Good on you.

I can also associate with listening to the superb compositions of B Lustmord in varying situations. "The Place Where the Black Stars hang", certainly sets off for me images of Radio Galaxies and Nebulae; keeping it in context. As the title suggests it is meant to be Space oriented . And all the more enjoyable for that. Highly recommended under good stereo headphones as you can, and with all works of this nature, pick up something you may have missed just listening to it without. A particular favourite of mine due to the Black Sun inference?

Purifying Fire, is also highly recommended, if you do not already have it, as The "Strange Attractor" and "Black Star" tracks could easily have come from "The place where.........."

Try some Skydiving. it's cheaper and more realistic a goal (depending on how rich you are) than a Spacewalk!
I sometimes think of 'Protoplasmic Reversion' when I am going up to jump altitude in the plane.

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