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PostPosted: February 12th, 2009, 3:56 am
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Sorry about delivering another question so soon after my previous one, but there's one thing that really intrigues me, and I felt compelled to ask.

Brian(foremost): What kind of reception did your music generally get in the 80's/90's(Acoustic Experiments, Paradise, Heresy, Monstrous Soul etc) when the music scene didn't have as much diversity and open-mindedness as it has today? How did the public and the media react to your music, which at the time must have been quite revolutionary? What kind of people, in your experience, sought themselves to your music; what "scene" did they affiliate you with when the term "dark ambient" hadn't yet been coined? I would be glad to hear some of your memories on how your music was received by the public and press in the early days, what people had to say about it, and if there were any presumptions and suspicions surrounding you.

Although I highly doubt that there is, if there are any people in here who's followed Lustmord from the beginning(or for a long time, at any rate), feel free to share your experiences too.

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