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PostPosted: July 8th, 2013, 8:57 pm
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I had always wanted to experience Lustmord live (which I still have yet too during this waking state due to financial issues) since starting to listen to the work in the late 80's. My long-term disappointment was alleviated by an incredibly lucid dream several years ago. In it, I was helping set up a live show at an art studio. The main space for chairs and a visuals wall was approximately 50x30. In silence, we set the chairs up from the back of the room with the front row being within 15 feet of the visual wall which was about 15ft from floor to ceiling. The front row stopped at the edge of a wall on the left that opened into an alcove where a long desk and production equipment was set up.

Suddenly on completion of the chair arrangement the room was dark, the space pervaded by live Lustmord soundscape, the visuals covering the entire wall before the chairs full of people now. Sitting in the front row close to the left wall, I leaned out to look over into the alcove, and there on the long desk was a black mat about 2x2. Sitting in full lotus levitating over the mat was B.Lustmord with both his hands outstretched to his sides, fingers outstretched and moving over a blue half-dome orbs (one on each side) with hands manipulating an etheric nebula of light rising from these orbs. It was very moving and my gratitude was immense for him sharing such beauty as to bring tears to my eyes. This experience was as real as things appear when we are in the waking state.

When the sound concluded, I woke up, eyes wet with tears. I immediately checked the internet for Lustmord activity, and to my astonishment found not only that he was beginning to do live performances, but that the visuals and sound used in the teaser were precisely the ones I had just witnessed in the dream.

Thank you B.Lustmord, for sharing the beauty and power of your inner world with us. It has had a profound impact on my inner life since the days of IOT rituals, rooms thick with dragonsblood incense, the whirring of senses, and the transportation to Other realms.

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