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PostPosted: May 10th, 2007, 12:20 am
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people hur hur hur... doing stuff. why? bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.


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PostPosted: May 25th, 2007, 4:19 pm
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for me most people are pathetic.
unwritten laws? Many. for example- do not trust anyone, don't show your weakness and many more

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PostPosted: June 3rd, 2007, 5:43 am
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the human race has not done one bit of good for this planet.
all humans do is destroy.
humans should not be trusted...
power and greed + religion and politics = death to mother earth

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PostPosted: June 3rd, 2007, 9:27 am
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seething celestial origins dispersed. messy. now what of these self-guided clumps? roll your mass around. fondle the environment. open your glob face and eat. yum!

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PostPosted: June 3rd, 2007, 10:25 am
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humans are the lowest life form on this planet...we kill our own and other lifeforms for no reason. animals they fight but, kill for only food for survival.

the variables that come into play are money and power. if you have money then you have power...if you have power you can get money.

Can the predatory phase of human developement be overcome?.

NO. i wouldn't say we developed at all...we are de-evolving. we are going backwards

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PostPosted: October 31st, 2008, 11:38 am
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My view is that, in short, what people need to do is to accept their own cosmic limitations, their fundamental incomplexity and the essential worthlessness of their existence. We have to stop looking for potential reasons and answers beyond the dimensions and boundaries that we percieve, because it will lead us nowhere. We are part of a single-dimensional line, we are not creators or destroyers, we are passive and insignificant pieces in a higher, greater process, the potential meaning of which we are not meant to understand, thus making it unable for us to do so for as long as we remain humans.

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PostPosted: May 5th, 2009, 3:22 am
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My view on this is that many of us think its ok to continue living a destructive lifestlye, such as litter, waste food, burn non-renewable sources of energy and to continue to war and take lifes.

Think of how many animals have died at our hands such as the destruction of Rainforests, the cattle farms that kill excessively to get rid of the "so called infections" , the billions and billions of lives lost to war and pollution! all and all i feel that the human race is severely flawed, i see no redeeming qualities apart from our ability to love one another but over time i see that has slowly disappeared, we seem to spend more of our time finding new ways to kill each other, when we should concentrate on helping the less fortunate and learning how to get along, i just wander how when we are gone, how the next generation is gonna be able to solve the many problems we have created through our own selfishness.

Quite frankly thats my opinion until we change i see nothing getting better...dark maybe but , i probably don't suppose anybody argees with me. Just try saying that in front of the government and the thousands of others who may have a similar opinion, they won't do anything until the G20 makes it an global issue. also with the recession over here getting worse and the swine flu all over the news, they seem to want to find some one to blame rather then try and solve the problem. maybe one day the human race will pay for what it has become, if there is a higher purpose for our existance i havn't found it yet, maybe one day we will find out... till that day our planet is but one in a thousand or billion solar systems in the infinite space, maybe we will find a new planet learn from our mistakes and create a better living for all human kind, or maybe our purpose will be realised sooner then we think who knows? I just think if the problems were eliminated our world would be a better place.

Very preachy yes i am not sure if I really got all the major issues but i can't be the only one saying these things, or is this the wrong forum? but hell i guess most of you get what i am trying to get at just interesting to hear more people's opinion.

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PostPosted: May 5th, 2009, 5:28 am
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what do we save earth for...the continuation of generations? what happens if an asteriod or meteor or even another planet that spins off it's axis hits us?

everything we saved for, everything we tried to not do or not touch or not use so that it could remain for another billion years - it's destroyed right along with us. why not continue to use what we always have, while attempting to create something new and find new ways to survive? science, when funded properly, can yield some rather life-saving results.

i just don't believe its near as important to strive to not touch, do or use anything to or with this earth and what it provides for us. we are to live, and be happy - without hurting others and without being wasteful. when everything runs out - if it ever runs out, then those remaining will find a new way, or a new place to be...we always have thus far.

and no, that does not mean i believe we should begin to just kill each other for fun, to take from others, to party till we die, or rape the earth just because we can. everything should be done in moderation, according to our needs - not always our wants.

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PostPosted: May 5th, 2009, 11:33 pm
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Yeah I'll probably get crucified for my opinions on this, but what the hell; I haven't seen the view from up there for a while.

walking barcode wrote:
what is your own experience with people in general?

After a very long scientific deliberation that has taken years of deduction, study, people watching and assessing I have discovered that "in general" I don't particularly like people. "In general", unlike other animals of the earth that adapt deception in order to advance, survive or evolve, humans are the only animal that developed the ability to deceive himself. "In general", despite what is truthful or admitting the terrible truth that humans are fallible, they will lie to avoid shame, blame or ownership of their actions. "In general" humans will take the "easy way" regardless of who they step on, what ethics/morals they tread on, or what life lesson they are meant to learn.

walking barcode wrote:
is there unwritten law you have learned (instinctually or not) to follow when dealing with others, specially those you do not know?

I being a bit socially inept haven't learn some of the finer points of human social protocol, so like the other animals of the earth (which are easier to mimic), in person I tend to be apprehensive but honest. Sometimes (most of the time) in public forums such as this I am sarcastic but try use it playfully. It helps me to weed out the shallow, short-sighted, thin skinned people from the open, non-judgmental, intellectual people. Most of the time (though recently I was strangely out of normal character) I don't care if I make friends or even am liked by others. I tend to have an Andy Kaufman as the "Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World" view on "playing with others". I want people to like me for who I AM and not what THEY perceive me to be. Most people don't get it but the ones that do, I know are MY people.

For your viewing pleasure:

I have a theory (JUST a theory) and have classify humans as human beings and human animals. We all are human and capable of transgressing between both a being and an animal (although most people chose to live there entire life as human animals). Human beings are logic based, they have no need to step on others to lift themselves up in the world, they have no need to be petty, they have just morals and they are capable of evolving and benefiting most from this life experience. Human animals are emotion based, they use and manipulate people, they feed on drama and/or allow too much of it in their life, most of the time they are unyielding in there arrogance to the point that they are right no matter what they do or how they effect others around them. Granted these are two extremes, there is ALLOT of gray in between and my experiences are limited. But still, to know WHAT kind of human I'm dealing with helps me determine HOW to deal with them.

walking barcode wrote:
What is your opinion of the mental health industry, in particular, psychiatry. is it all a marketing scam?

Personally I don't believe the US government takes much care in the mental health of it's citizens, which allows the independent psychiatric industry and prescription abuse to run rampant here.

Between the ages of 16 to 33 I had chronic and debilitating sadness, low self esteem and depression because of my inability and lack to cope with the world in general. Not being a personal drug user of any kind I was berated to break my personal preference, to go be assessed by a doctor and asked for an anti-antidepressant; the "normal" action taken for one with depression. After seeing a doctor and then a specialist in LA I was informed that I had Aspergers all this time. LIE. I left the appointment and the specialists while he was in mid-sentence and went back home (funny I never got the bill on that one).

Reaching a point in my life where I was literally standing at the doors of the county mental health hospital knowing I could choose to remain this way or concede to the hospitals solution to put me off in a room alone, drug me to dull me down even more and force me to communicate my feelings to total strangers; I chose a third option, I went off to go find my balance.

With a much needed attitude adjustment, personal reassessment, replacing the voids in my life with their comparable obverses and choosing to let the past die, I found it. No drugs, No psychiatric visits, No hospitalization; I chose a better alternative cure. And I could honestly say that I have never been happier.

Being "there" and doing "that", for me "the mental health industry" was hoo-doo hoo-wee. Personal fortitude, tenacity, free will and self CHOICE prevailed over what any drug or stranger could do for me

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PostPosted: May 6th, 2009, 8:22 am
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hmmmm i am have been thinking about what shipwreckage said about the collsion of a meteor with earth, and yes that is true everything we had tried to build would be destroyed in an instant, and all our problems would no longer matter because there would be no one to cause them. But such natural disasters of this scale could in the furture be prevented perhaps due to a scienticfic breakthrough in global defense or other such scientific mircales

This properly sounds like science fiction but to some degree it is possible, i feel that if nations were more prepared to share knowledge more openly and on a wider basis maybe one day we will be able to solve our many differences but until then again the problems will always be present.

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PostPosted: July 3rd, 2009, 10:21 am
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My feelings tend to veer from one side to the other.

It is true that we are not, in general, doing a good job of looking after the world we find ourselves on and if it chose to get rid of us I would not be surprised.

At the same time if there were more acts of destruction, violence and hate than creation, love and community we would have already gone....

And it is important to remember that there always have been groups of people who lived more in balance with the environment they inhabited. Not to paint a rosey picture, almost every population has ended up fighting someone else, but the wholesale thoughtless appropriation and destruction is very much a more modern, 1st, 2nd and possibly 3rd world attitude.

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PostPosted: July 4th, 2009, 6:00 am
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There's some really angsty, misanthrope 101 stuff in this thread. All humans are bad, wahhhh.

I work in a hospital, I see firsthand just how selfless and compassionate humans can be. Unconditionally. It seems very fashionable, especially within music circles it seems, to think the worst of everyone; maybe some people here who are moaning might consider that they themselves offer nothing? I just find some of these posts utterly cringeworthy and forced.

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PostPosted: July 4th, 2009, 1:09 pm
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I work in a hospital too and see how much people give of themselves and the dignity and strength with which many patients deal with really difficult health or social problems. The depth of heart and strength of community can be very powerful, but it takes a huge amount of effort to create a culture that even values these things, let alone put them into practice.

I worked in residential childcare for many years and also saw in great detail the mess that people can make of their own lives and the horrendous way they treat their children - I must admit that in this time I developed a view of children and their behaviour that was entirely slanted by the experience of interacting with them and their families...I am talking about all forms of abuse, violence and self destruction.

We did have succeses and watching a young person 'heal' and go beyond their family cycles was another eye opener to the strength of the human spirit.

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PostPosted: July 5th, 2009, 1:49 am
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Human nature doesnt exist, all behavior is learned. A persons qualities are defined by the amount of firing or misfiring pistons upstairs. The amount of checmicals released in certain situations. You can tell somebody something tragic and they'll be numb, you can tell somebody else they'll fall apart. There really arent any trends.

Emotions tied with experiences are just manipulations of chemicals and hormones. Your body is bonded by this and then your brain chemically pulls the wool over your eyes. When people talk about human nature they talk about things like instinct and "being true to theirsen". This couldnt be a worse statement. I strongly believe criminals and people deemed insane arent evil just missing vital self control systems, socially (learned) and chemically (you really dont get to make choices here folks.).

Those two aspects simply are "human nature" its not spiritual or mystical, sadly there are still people working in professions that require a good understanding of the subject who will tell you it is.

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PostPosted: July 5th, 2009, 1:51 am
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note: I hope not to have offended anybody there, so excuse me if i have. I think we can all agree humans are flawed and 90% of so called "human nature" is based on fear.

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