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PostPosted: March 6th, 2008, 1:35 pm
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"Oh my god, is he about to say something within context of the forum?"

Yes. I am. Although, there's nothing wrong with out-of-context -- is there? :D

Mix-down and dithering. The source being 24 bits: would employing the use of POW-r (2 or 3) be the optimal choice when exporting a completed session, or is there something superior? From what I understand, POW-r (or other "colored" dithering methods) is best suited for final mixdown, while TPDF is used when a signal needs dithering, but is still headed for more processing? Also, is dithering nessecary when the only change is sample-rate (such as 88.2 to 44.1)? I've sought the breakdown of these concepts from various written material, but feel it beneficial to directly consult with those vastly more professonal than I -- which probably means anyone in this forum. :wink:

Another thing, I've come across an odd occurance upon mixdown, in that the dynamics of a session are altered; that is, the volume level of different tracks do not represent the original mix -- pre-audio export (louder bass, quieter percussion). Does anyone have advice how to best retain the original dynamics of a session?

[cue glare emanating from a myriad of eyeballs.] :shock:

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PostPosted: December 5th, 2009, 3:23 am
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you should try different types of dither and see what sounds best. i always use the triangular noise shaped dither specifically for 44KHz when converting files from 32bit floating point to 16bit in adobe audition. whatever works for you. if you can't hear the difference, then does it even matter?

re: mixes sounding different after a digital mix-down, this is weird and not normal at all.

great authoritative text for a lot of info on all this stuff is bob katz's "mastering audio".

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