To hear Lustmord’s music as loud as it was on this night – and so to experience the full extent of the sub-bass that girds and grounds it – was to realise how inadequate the term “ambient” is to describe it.
At times the low-end assault was such that I was hearing the rafters of the building shaking more than I was the actual tones.Kiran Sande / FACT
2016 Poland Lublin Spotkania Kultur December 10
Tasmania Hobart Dark Mofo Festival June 12
Sweden Stockholm Södra Teatern January 23
Sweden Malmö Inkonst January 16
2015 Switzerland Lucerne Südpo December 12
United States Chicago Cold Waves Festival September 25
Germany Berlin Atonal August 23
Canada Toronto Unsound Toronto June 19
United States San Francisco Grey Area Festival May 22
Denmark Helsingør Click Festival May 16
United States Los Angeles Hollywood Forever Cemetery March 21
2014 Poland Wrocław Wrocław Industrial Festival November 8
2013 Russia Moscow P!pl November 23
Russia St. Petersburg Electro Mechanica Festival November 22
Latvia Riga Skaņu Mežs Festival October 12
The Netherlands Den Haag TodaysArt Festival September 28
United Kingdom London LSO St Luke’s September 27
United States Providence NecronomiCon August 24
Australia Adelaide Adelaide Festival March 16
2012 Austria Klems Donaufestival May 4
Russia Moscow 35mm April 8
2011 Germany Oberhausen Maschinenfest October 2
The Netherlands Tilburg Incubate Festival September 18
Sweden Norberg Norbergfestival July 30
Germany Leipzig Wave Gotik Trefen June 16
United States New York x 2 Unsound NY April 14
Sweden Stockholm Södra Teatern January 15
2010 Germany Berlin Berghain November 27
Poland Krakow Unsound Festival November 22
2006 United States Los Angeles Private Event June 6
1982 United Kingdom Bangor February 5
1981 United Kingdom Bangor November 12
United Kingdom Bangor August 13
2013 Australia Adelaide Adelaide Festival March 14
TRINITY with Geir Jenssen
2013 The Netherlands Amsterdam Sonic Acts February 23
2012 Poland Krakow Unsound Festival October 19
Canada Montreal MUTEK Festival May 30
United States Boulder Comunkey Festival April 28
United States New York Unsound NY April 21