New York Unbound


Trace and I recently spent a week in New York while the Unsound Festival was underway and it was good to spend time with old friends (staying with Choi, one of my oldest friends – since before Lustmord) and catching up with newer ones in the form of the Unsound contingent and extended family.


We missed the Unsound opening concert but tried to make up for it at best we could. Highlights included the live sets of Raz Mesinai and Kode 9 at Bunker, and the Kiss and Tell hosted festival closing party – which we were disappointed to get throw out of at four in the morning when the venue had to close.


Raz Mesinai and B by Zach Dilgard.

B and Trace byZach Dilgard.


Choi and B by Trace.


Bunker, held regularly at Public Assembly in Williamsburg and hosted by Bryan Kasenic and Seze Devres is the best club in NYC, and highly recommended if you’re ever in the area.



Soundcheck photoby Trace.


Thanks to all of you who made it to the NY shows. and for creating the need for the second show.

They were both well recived and had some interesting reviews, including this one from The New York Times, which was somewhat amusing.


Photo by Greg Cristman.


For those that wondered, the video backdrop for both shows was the same, but the music content was different to keep things interesting.



Meats Meier posted an excerpt of a video of the show that was filmed on a phone by a member of the audience (Andrew Jerez), showing Meat’s contribution to the video backdrop.


Photo by Greg Cristman.


Also while in town we had the chance to check out my friends vinyl pressing plant Brooklynphono, which I’ll blog about separately.


Talk photo by Trace.


It’s been to long since I visited New York and the trip made me wonder why I haven’t been there more recently.

As mentioned in my blog about my recent Stockholm trip, the best part of doing these live shows is the people you meet, and I look forward to doing it again.



Gosia Plysa, Mat Schulz (Unsound), B and Andy Battaglia by Trace.