Lustmord will perform at Maschinenfest for the second time in October 2017.

The festival runs from the 27th to 29th at the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany.
See the Maschinenfest site for specific details.

Facebook Event Page for the festival.


Presenting a new side project: DREAD
Album: In Dub

Continuing ideas explored on various remixes by Lustmord such as the Puscifer album D is for Dubby.

Featuring Aina Skinnes O’Kane and Wes Borland on Blood Into Dub and The Western Approaches.

Available April 19th 2017.

Compact Disc edition on Ant-zen: ACT 352

Digital download at the Lustmord Bandcamp Page, where it can also be previewed.

Both versions currently available to preorder.

Dark Matter Vinyl

A 2LP vinyl edition of Dark Matter will be made available on Hydra Head.

The tracks have been reconfigured in length for the best sound on vinyl.
As a result they sound slightly different to the CD versions.

Available in three colors: Black, Clear  and Blue.

In conjunction with the vinyl release Hydra Head will also doing a limited run Lustmord tee shirt and hoodie.

All are now available to preorder at the Hydra Head Store.

Dark Matter


Touch TO:102
Compact Disc

1. Subspace
2. Astronomicon
3. Black Static

Total Time: 70:41

Release date: 30th September 2016
(Advanced orders at TouchShop from early September)

Derived from an audio library of cosmological activity collected between 1993 and 2003. It was gathered from various sources including NASA (Cape Canaveral, Ames, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Arecibo), The Very Large Array, The National Radio Astronomy Observatory and various educational institutions and private contributors throughout the USA


10 Questions


10 Questions answered as part of Andrew Lilies ongoing series.