Stockholm Sound

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold to make it to the Lustmord show in Stockholm on January 15th, some waiting 30 minutes in sub-zero temperatures only to be turned away as the theatre became packed to capacity.
The theatre was fairly small, with just over 400 seats, the sound system wasn’t very good (I had a couple of extra subwoofers bought in to try and help) and the video projection was particularly weak, but life is often a series of compromises, and hell, it was a fee show so nobody should complain to much, though I personally would have been happier with better sound and video.
The performance was for Swedish Radio’s Art’s Birthday celebrations and SR broadcast the first half live, and recorded the complete show for broadcast after the event.
I was well taken care of by presenter Lisa Wall and producer Erik Mikael Karlsson and the rest of the SR crew.

Södra Teatern
Left picture by Mattias Ahlm/Sveriges Radio, Right picture by David Åsbrink.
I’m enjoying the process of performing live and Stockholm the city and it’s people was a very enjoyable experience. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to return and make up for those of you who missed the Art’s Birthday show.

Presenters Lisa Wall & Pelle Moeld with Producer Erik Mikael Karlsson at SR HQ.

Having lived in Los Angeles for the last 17 years and not having experienced snowfall in that time, the trip to Stockholm was an interesting experience. Daily highs of -3C and treacherous ice on every surface made moving around a challenge on foot and by car (not that cab drivers seemed to mind) and quite different from the 27C I was enjoying the day after I came back home.

Particularly worth recommending if you’re seriously interested in learning some of the skills and techniques required for electronic music is Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) the Swedish national centre for electronic music and sound art.
Founded in 1964 and situated in an old brewery on Söder Mälarstrand, EMS was the first computer music center in Europe and remains one of the premier electronic music facilities worldwide, with first class surround recording studios (including one designed by ABBA’s studio designer), experienced teachers and an extensive audio and text archive available to it’s students. Well worth contacting if you’re serious.

During my time in StockholmI had the great pleasure of experiencing the hospitality of studio director Mats Lindström and studio administrator Isabel Thomson along with the rest of the team at EMS and they were kind enough to host a seminar where I was asked to talk about myself and what I do, for which I did an informal and improvised setting. It was more fun that I expected, helped by interesting questions and some amusing distractions in the front row.
Thanks to all who made it.

The seminar was held at the recently completed Audiorama, with it’s immersive surround speaker array. Since I didn’t bring surround material with me we only utilized a part of the system, where I playing some Lustmord recordings as part of the talk, including unreleased material and remixes, as well as examples of my sound design for film.
The seminar was recorded by EMS and will be available as part of their in-house archive.

Audiorama would make an ideal setting for a purpose-built surround presentation. Should anyone want to fund something…

Seminar pictures by Isabel Thomson.

As always on a trip like this, as much as one enjoys a place or an experience, it’s the people one meets that makes the difference, and that one remembers the most and it’s the new friendships that make it worthwhile.
Thanks Stockholm for the welcome and the support.

Special thanks to Johanna Björkhed for the introduction to first class Swedish beer.