Sub (Basement) Bass

The sound for tomorrows show looks promising.
The performance will take place at a disused head of a iron ore mine. A cathedral in concrete with a cavernous space and a 12 second reverb tail.
The sound guys are crazy…
They’ve spent the last few days tweakingthe sound, measuring structure angles, height from floor to ceiling, air temperature (for air density re sound equalization) , and have calculated very specific locations for each speaker for the best possible sound in the space.
Best of all, they’ve placed a sub system in the lower basement, pointing directly and precisely at a concrete pillar that goes all the way to the top of the building. The bass will travel along the pillar causing standing waves at key frequencies and the whole basement will act as a subwoofer
Turns out one of the sound guys day job is Theoretical Mathematician.
Like I said, crazy, but my kind of crazy.
The sound system is Funktion One throughout, which I really enjoyed sing at Berghain in Berlin.
I think we should have adequate bass…
(I was on the roof of the tower this afternoon, 65m high. And yes, I don’t like heights)