TRINITY Amsterdam Images


A few images taken during the TRINITY performance at Paradiso, Amsterdam on Saturday February 23rd as part of Sonic Acts 2013.
All photos copyright Ed Jansen.
For this performance we were situated in the audience, facing the screen, with Marcel on our right, manipulating the video live (in the past he’s had to be hidden away near the projector for practical/technical reasons).
 photo TSA1_zps1c0ca203.jpg

 photo TSA-4_zpsb2ac6a9e.jpg

 photo TSA3_zps23dda198.jpg

 photo TSA5_zps2633d68e.jpg

 photo TSA2_zps0efac82e.jpg
Left: Marcel Weber (MFO), 2nd Right Geir Jenssen (Biosphere), Right: B (Lustmord).